Areola Restoration Tattoo

The areola is part of the human breast in both women and men. It gives the nipple its distinct color apart from the color of breast skin and an important role in the aesthetic look of a breast.

Areola Restoration tattoo is creating a three-dimensional appearance of an areola to help minimize the appearance of scars. It restores the discoloration of the nipple and areola to a more natural looking color and shape after breast reconstruction surgery.

Breast cancer survivors feel the tattooing process helps them look complete and feel “whole” and “normal” again regaining their confidence and giving them a new hope.

These procedures require advanced education, training, and experience. Our team of permanent cosmetics professionals has gone through the highest levels of education, training, and experience to offer this service to those in need.

Who is eligible

Any man or woman who is in need of this service, breast cancer survivors.

Candidates must…

  • Be at least 3 months post breast reconstruction/mastectomy/gynecomastia surgery
  • Not have allergies to pigment metals and anesthetics
  • Not have necrosis on skin to be tattooed
  • Show proof of low income status
  • Complete all required treatments and office visits

Missing any appointments will disqualify a recipient from receiving further care.